SMS Marketing and Business Promotions

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Short Code/Long Code Services

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Bulk Voice Plans for enterprises

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About Us

We are a young and exciting venture in digital marketing and branding based in Chennai, India.

Established with a vision to grow and excel. We have extensive & in-depth knowledge be it Website Design, Mobile Marketing, our experience in managing technology projects, right from selecting tools and platforms, to implementing information technology solutions has shown results. With a crystal clear objective is to deliver quality Web designs and applications while incorporating supreme value to enterprises globally at an affordable price.

In order to provide world class E Commerce, Web Development Solutions, we have tailored our in-house proven methodology, which helps us provide reliable software solutions that meet present as well as future demands.

We firmly believe that working as partners with our clients is the best way to stay in tune with their precise requirements. Whatever you think and imagine and we create it for you.


Many may think sending bulk SMS is a tedious process and it sure can be, but that is where SMSSPOT is different.
The team at SMSSPOT has spent sleepless days and nights to build a platform that packed all the needed features.

Group Notifications

Reaching a group of people to deliver the same message can be a slow and tiresome process. Calling people takes time and resources, and doesn’t always assure to get the message across. Email groups are increasingly popular, but even with the advent of smart-phones and push email you can’t be guaranteed that a recipient reads your email in a well-timed fashion.

SMS offers a low cost, efficient method of getting information across to groups of any size. With near on the spot delivery and ability to receive replies directly from recipients, the benefits of SMS are clear when compared to other contact methods, like telephone and email. Teamed with the SMSSPOT Inbound SMS Message service, a team manager can notify his team of last minute venue changes and get confirmation that the team member has received the message.


Brand knowledge and customer reliability are two key factors in retail success. It’s no longer adequate to rely on conventional media and marketing channels to bring customers through the door. Using SMS, retailers can put their promotional message directly in the hands of thousands of customers in literally seconds. The real-time nature of SMS allows time-sensitive promotions to be executed quickly and efficiently. For example, “50% off today only – show this message to qualify”.

Customers can be directed to go to your website or come into the store. Imagine the effortlessness in which you could SMS your customers a coupon that could then be entered into your website and deliver them exclusive special offers and pricing.

The two-way nature of the combined SMSSPOT Two way Messaging service means that you can also get customers to provide response on their retail experience in a simple and discrete way, or provide their details to register for a trustworthiness scheme.

Education Sector

There’s an emergency and the school is closed. You can use the SMSSPOT Outbound Message service to communicate this time critical information with a minimum of commotion and cost to both students and teachers.SMS can get your message to thousands of recipients on a near-instantaneous basis. Whether you're communicating to a whole school, or just a class or group, your message will be delivered direct to the proposed recipient within seconds. With a mounting amount of parents working longer hours, it's getting increasingly knotty for teachers to converse with parents at a time opportune for both parties.

SMS can help teachers reach parents, and vice versa, through non-obtrusive and private two-way near immediate communication. Messages can be read and responded to at a convenient time to the recipient, with a cost and time saving compared to customary contact methods.


Our SMS service has a lot more features than our competitors. Some of them are:

  •   Wide coverage across the country covering all networks
  •   Flexible and robust SMS platform with industry standard infrastructure
  •   Cheap pricing and bundled package are available with extra discounts
  •   24x7 support with live chat ,telephone and email support
  •   Instant and guaranteed delivery
  •   Automatic filtering of SMS to DND numbers


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